3D Dragon HD Live Wallpaper



Fantastic and Cool 3D Flying Dragon and Ryujin HD Live Wallpaper! Amazing HD Dragon wallpapers collection! Have you heard legend about knights and dragons? Want to see a flying fire or ice dragon on your screen? Don't miss this fancy Dragon Legend 3D live wallpaper.

Are you a fan of dragon and heroes, knight and evil Ryujin, Prince fight with Dragon to save princess, or fairy tale dragon stories? Now it's time to enjoy a cool dragon as your wallpaper.

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and which is ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries.

You can easily shut it off in live wallpaper settings if you don't like the animation.

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