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3D Snow Storm Wallpaper Pro's review


3D Snow Storm is a live wallpaper that brings snow and Christmas mood to your smart device

  • GPU to render graphics
  • Highly customizable
  • Kind battery usage
  • Nothing special

"Winterize your home screen"

Winter is coming, you can already feel it: cold, snow, toys ads on TV, family meetings, holidays... If you're really into Winter mood, why don't be proud of it and show it off? 3D Snow Storm Live Wallpaper is a good way to do it.

This is a simple yet good-looking live wallpaper featuring 3D snowflakes with different shapes, all of them based on Christmas tree decorations. Snowflakes fall down hypnotically, giving that winter touch that your device needed to fit your mood.

You can keep the black background as if a nightly snow storm was happening on your device or use a photo from your gallery as background. You can also get background directly from Google images. Likewise, you can set amount of snow, wind, perspective, spin, snowchadelic mode (multi-colored snow) and more. Finally, it uses GPU (OpenGL) instead of CPU to render snowflake graphics which makes you save battery.

Free version will eventually show a snowflake that says "Free version", the "shame-snowflake", as it developers said. If you want to remove it, just support ppypsoft upgrading to the Pro version.

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Nov 02, 2012