3D Taiwan Live Wallpaper



Great live wallpaper which will allow you to enjoy the Taiwan Flag all of the time.

The live wallpaper is interactive, reacts to movement and you can configure the velocity and the transparency, and cancel the interactive function if you so prefer (in the Adjustments menu).

Includes a direct access link to see the emblem and to more quickly access the preferences section. In order to install or configure the screen saver, you must follow these steps:

- Click on Menu
- Click on wallpaper
- Click on live wallpaper. Here is where we will find the live wallpaper. Once we have clicked on it, we will be able to access the adjustments or, alternatively, we can click on Set wallpaper in order to finish.

Tags: Live Wallpaper, 臺灣 or 台灣, Republic of China, 中華民國 , Zhōnghuá Mínguó, Taipei

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