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This is Widget.

As a game, date, clock, battery information to display memory information.

You can also choose what to display.
When placed side by side I think is interesting.
I can name up to you, please register your preferred name.

In addition, the command screen, making a call or write to the Twitter, more apps from the list, you can and launch.

From the equip can be equipped with the app.

In the spell you can also set the wallpaper of a single color.
You can choose from 430 colors.

Widget "8bit Message Window" to display only the message (1x4),
Widget "8bit Message Window Ⅱ"(1x4),
Widget "8bit Tactics Window" displays only the strategy, you want to edit (1x1),
Widgets can be displayed by connecting the "8bit Command Window Ⅱ" (1x2),
"8bit Command Window Ⅲ" (1x3), "8bit Command Window Ⅳ" (1x4).
Also has these.

You can use anything you like from a combination of seven types of widgets.

You can change the font size and the size of the widget from the menu.
* Please press the Menu button while the display screen command.
* Menu window will appear.
* You can change the font size from the "Size".
* You can change the size of the widget from the "Widget".

■ How to Install
1. Press and hold to open the Settings screen on the home screen "widgets" to select.
2. Please select the "8bit Command Window" or the "8bit Message Window" from the list .

■ How to start command
Tapping the widget installed, open a command.

Talk……… Call
Tweet…… write to twitter
Status… Displays the status of the terminal
Name……… This will change the name
Job… This will change the display of the widget
Party……… Open the phone book
Spell…… Displays the spell
Item……… Displays a list of apps
Take………… Take a photo
Search…… Search screen opens
Setting…… Terminal Settings

・day of the week


・Battery level
・Temperature of a battery
・Connection Status
USB…Battery plugged USB
AC……Battery plugged AC

・The remaining amount of internal memory
・The remaining amount of external memory
・Activity ratio

The message of 15 characters
*The name does not appear

・Mail………Open the Mail screen
・Browser……Open the browser
・Notice……Open the notification
・Music…This starts the music player
・Video…Start a video camera
・Market……Open the AndroidMarket
・Service……View and control currently running services.
・Language……Select language.
・Wall……Set the wallpaper.
・Colorpaper…The wallpaper of a specified color.
・Network……Open the Network settings.
・LogCat……Call the 8bit LogCat window.
・StatusBar……Call the 8bit StatusBar.
・Vib………The little vibration
・Vibra……Vibrate a little more
・Vibration…Slightly longer vibrates
・Sunny……You wish for sunshine
・Update……update the widget
・Help………Open the Help screen

The list appears in the terminal app.
You can sort on Date or ABC.
Details will be displayed by selecting the application.
Use…Start the application
Market…Navigate to the detail screen
Close…Close the window

When you press and hold the app, "Data" "Dump" command will be displayed.
Data... Go to the screen to clear the cache and Data.
Dump... Go to the uninstall screen.

>8bit Message Window
You can only create a message.
The size is 1 * 4.
The number of characters you can enter up to 40 characters.

>8bit Message Window Ⅱ
You can choose from 10 different messages.
You can switch the widget.
Press and hold the message, will start the editing surface.

>8bit Tactics Window
You can choose the contents of the widget from eight kinds of tactics.
Press and hold the tactics, will start the editing surface.
You can freely change the contents of the tactics.
The number of characters is up to 8 characters.
* Note *
tactics is a display only, does not actually run.

>For the edit mode (enter your name, the message)
Press and hold the window at the top,
Dialog can be input by the keyboard will be displayed.

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Recently changed in this version

2.3.0 Add "Keyboard" of Spell.
2.2.2 Add "Share" of Spell.
2.2.1 Fixed a bug.
2.2.0 Fixed a bug.
2.1.1 Fixed a bug.
2.1.0 Add "Book" and "Spell". you are able to add your own apps to the 'spell' list .I can now be selected by pressing and holding the app to start in the "Party".
2.0.1 Fixed a bug.
2.0.0 Add "8bit Message Window Ⅱ"
1.9.2 Fixed a bug.
1.9.1 Reduce start-up time of "Item". I was supported TwitterAPI1.1.

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