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Images include Rank, Air Force Digital Camouflage, Air Force logos, and emblems for the following Commands:

Headquarters, United States Air Force
Air Combat Command
Air Education and Training Command
Air Force Global Strike Command
Air Force Materiel Command
Air Force Reserve Command
Air Force Space Command
Air Force Special Operations Command
Air Mobility Command
United States Air Forces in Europe
Pacific Air Forces
First Air Force
Ninth Air Force
Twelfth Air Force
Air Force Warfare Center
Second Air Force
Nineteenth Air Force
Air Force Recruiting Service
The Air University
Wilford Hall Medical Center
Eighth Air Force
Twentieth Air Force
Aeronautical Systems Center
Air Force Flight Test Center
Air Force Global Logistics Support Center
Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
Air Force Research Laboratory
Air Force Security Assistance Center
Air Armament Center
Arnold Engineering Development Center
Electronic Systems Center
Fourth Air Force
Tenth Air Force
Twenty-Second Air Force
Air Reserve Personnel Center
Fourteenth Air Force
Twenty-Fourth Air Force
Space and Missile Systems Center
Space Innovation and Development Center
Air Force Network Integration Center
Twenty-Third Air Force
Special Operations Training Center
Eighteenth Air Force
United States Air Force Expeditionary Center
Third Air Force
Seventeenth Air Force
Fifth Air Force
Seventh Air Force
Eleventh Air Force
Thirteenth Air Force

Security Forces Badge
Security Forces Emblem
Air Force Special Agent Badge
Fire Protection Badge
Air Force Commander's Insignia
Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge
Headquarters Air Force Badge
Air Education and Training Command Instructor Badges
Air Force Recruiting Service Badges
Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service Badges
Air National Guard Recruiter Badges
Air Force Honor Guard Badge
Air Force Base Honor Guard Badge
Air Force Pilot Badge
USAF Navigator Badge Observer Badge
USAF Air Battle Manager Badge
Air Force Air Crew Enlisted Badge
Air Force Strategic Air Command
52 fighter wing Spangdahlem Germany

Note from the developer: Additional emblems for each Air Force Unit will be added soon. Send me an e-mail if you want priority on your unit. It may take some time to get all the emblems completed.

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