AlertMe !



A geo-trigger based application for droid devices which simplifies various manual functions performed by the user and trigger these services when at a particular location. When triggered, it activates the selected action and alerts the user about it if asked.

Real Life examples where triggering can help :

- Traveling by metro/train : when sleepy, we tend to miss our destination,so a notifier which will notify once reached there.
- Manually Messaging closed ones when you reach.
- When in class, your cell phone starts ringing as you forget to keep it on silent/vibrate mode.

Following features have been integrated in this app :

- Indicating the user’s current location on map.

- Indicating locations where particular alert needs to be triggered.

- Sorting alerts according to the difference in alert location and your current location.
- Triggering a geo based notifier.

- Triggering geo based messaging.

- Triggering silent/vibrate mode when at a particular location.

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