Alicia Keys Fan App



You are Alicia Keys fan!
This is free unofficial application with songs list, albums list, biography and wallpapers.

Alicia Keys Fan App features:
- Alicia Keys albums and songs list.
- Watch official videos on YouTube.
- Alicia Keys biography.
- Best Alicia Keys wallpapers for your Android desktop.
- Read her official fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube channel.
- Twitter notifications: If you turn ON Twitter notifications (default is OFF), application will check Alicia Keys Twitter account right away and then on every 15 minutes (even if screen is turned off), and show you notification about new Alicia Keys Tweets if any. Click MENU for Twitter notification settings.
- Alicia Keys Fan App does NOT have any lyrics feature.

Song list from albums:
- Songs In A Minor
- The Diary Of Alicia Keys
- Unplugged
- As I Am
- The Element Of Freedom
- Girl On Fire