Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live WP


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live WP's review


A theme customization app based on Marvel's Spider-Man

  • Well-rendered visuals
  • Smooth animations
  • Lots of functionality
  • Minimal free content
  • Broken text alerts
  • Cursory search function

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"The Amazing Spider-Man Customized For You"


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live WP brings the power of Spider-Man to your mobile device. Customize your background themes, notifications, and email alerts. If you love everything Spider-Man and want the webbed crusader greeting you when you unlock your device, this app may be for you.


The graphics are well-rendered and sharp, with bright colors and easily defined lines. The animations are clean and well-thought out. The file size is quite small. It's great for those seeking to customize their mobile with well-known Marvel characters. There are a lot of integrated functionalities here.


Most of the best content is locked behind the pay wall. The Spider-Man search bar does nothing more than redirect to a Google search bar. It wasn't delivering the text alerts in Spider-Man format.

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by William

Aug 22, 2015

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