Amulets 3D



3D amulets live wallpaper.
Celtic Knot Triskel, Huitzilpochtli aztec amulet, Ganesh, Mitras persian amulet, Perun ancient slavic amulet, Seal of Solomon, Tree of life

Triskel sign - a sign of the triple rotary power - the life-giving principle, which gives a constant movement original and eternal energy in three worlds: the world of peoples, the world of the gods and the world of shadows. This is a powerful energy amulet that gives makeup all
Huitzilpochtli (hummingbird). In Aztec mythology, the supreme deity. God blue clear sky, the young sun, war and hunting. Amulet encourages people around the owner not to contradict and to obey his will. Amulet of young men, warriors. Stores during the assault and travel. Talisman supports positive change in the life.
Ganesh - God of wisdom. Symbol of wisdom, prudence and invulnerability. Its function - the distribution of gifts among the people and their protection. For many centuries, Ganesh is revered in India as the patron of trade and students. Ganesh Amulet way - it is a serious signal of your quest to learn new things, to earn a lot and never forget useful traditions. Amulet helps to overcome the difficulties and obstacles in carrying out important support work, or at the beginning of a new period of life.

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