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The language of flowers is like any other language supplemented with time and change. We offer you a modern flower dictionary language:
Carnation - passion, love, courage.
Hyacinth White - Charm, beauty.
Hydrangea - modesty;
bell - constancy of love;
Jasmine - attractive, good-natured;
Iris - passion, zeal;
Camellia - gratitude;
lily of the valley - happiness;
Lily - majesty, purity;
Almonds - hope;
magnolia - persistence and perseverance;
daisy - the goddess of fate;
Mimosa - sensitivity;
Daffodil - respect;
nots - love words - "Remember me";
Fern - sincerity;
Snowdrop - hope;
Rose - love, happiness, beauty;
Daisy - innocence;
Red Tulip - declaration of love;
Cinch (all colors) - beautiful eyes;
violet - faithfulness, loyalty;
cyclamen - brightness, extraordinary modesty;
Chrysanthemum white - the truth;
chrysanthemum red - like tulip, declaration of love;

Symbolizing the colors of flowers?
Red - life, love and fire.
Pink - youth.
Yellow - weddings, happiness, youth, sun. But beware: some people tend to identify with the yellow separation.
Green - hope, peace, peace.
Blue - loyalty, trust.
Black - mourning, celebration.
White - purity, tenderness, innocence.

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