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The day of Ashura - when sky wept blood.

What is Ashura?

In the month of Muharram 61 AH, an event took place in Iraq at a place known as Kerbala on the bank of the river Euphrates. It seemed in those days insignificant from the historical point of view. A large army which had been mobilised by the Umayyad regime besieged a group of persons numbering less than a hundred and put them under pressure to pay allegiance to the Caliph of the time and submit to his authority. The small group resisted and a severe battle took place in which they were all martyred.

The commemoration of Ashura on the 10th of Moharram every year serves to remind us of the sacrifices of the family of the Prophet (S). It also makes us aware of the people, then and now, who tried to destroy Islam and the family of the Prophet (S) and all that they stood for - as well as those who watched, listened and did nothing.

One of the biggest events in the history of Islam. A day which all the Shia ne Imam Ali and Imam Hussain will remember.

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