Astral Plane Music Visualizer



16 different 3D tunnels are included for you to explore. This Live wallpaper also works like a music visualizer. It creates a unique soundscape, when it syncs with your favorite music.

Turn on the gyroscope and rotate your screen to have a really wild ride! You can create your own tunnels by changing the direction of the tunnel, the swing (how much the tunnel turns) and the tunnel length. Become the creator of the tunnels!

You can create all types of tunnels, like narrow or wide tunnels. You can also create sharply swinging tunnels or long and straight tunnels. You can create tunnels, which swing in a vertical direction or tunnels, which swing in horizontal direction.

The spirit world consists of the astral plane, the mental plane and the higher spiritual planes. You can explore the different levels and tunnels of the astral plane with this live wallpaper.

You can choose between tunnels like "Self aware tunnel", "Hyper dimensional tunnel", "The tunnel with many names","Transcendent tunnel", "Twisted tunnel" and "Hypno tunnel". You can choose the speed of your journey and how fast the colors change. Battery saving functionality is also available.


You can play music with Winamp or another player. You can then start this app. It will then sync with the music from your music player. There is no music player with a user interface included in this app. Please use your favorite music player instead and then start this app.

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