Atomic Luna Lite - LWP



Its a war for Humanity's survival, and the first line of defense is our moon, Luna. In this tower defense Live Wallpaper, humans struggle to fight against the alien onslaught in the ceaseless Battle of Luna. The never ending engagement for our existence plays out right on your screen.

The Lite Edition Features -
- Real time 3d graphics, gives you a 360 degree conflict.
- Two Turret Types
- Mass Driver - The anti-space artillery workhorse.
- Plasma Cannon - Humanity's latest answer to the invaders.
- Two Alien Ships, nimble and fleet.
- Camera zoom levels lets you control your view of combat.
- Built for both phone and tablet.

The Full Edition Features everything listed, plus selectable space backgrounds, more defense types, more enemy types, and more units on screen at once! Look below to find it.

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