Audio Recording(Music Player)




    Audio Recording is a free music player with recording and editing!
    1. All the music can be classified based on the Artist and the album. For example, file "Taylor Swift" allows to view the works of Taylor Swift."Where we are" is a album of Westlife published on November 27, 2009. If you have the audio files in your SD. It will be showed in the folder "Where we are". If you want to some song, just go to the folder and you can get to listen it as quickly as possible.
    2.Add music from a local file to the playlist? "Local" can make it. In local, it provides you all the music files in your SD card automatically.
    3.Lyrics synchronous display on the playing page. See the Lyrics and sing with it, see the lyrics and sing with it if you like.
    4.Audio recording, of course, have the function to record voice. Recording can be widely used. Do you like to sing and show yourself ? If yes, record one piece of your song, send to your friends or just test to listen to it by yourself. It would be fun to hear your voice or sing from your own phone.
    5.Edit: sometimes we only want to have the high point or the chorus part as Ringtone or just for fun. But do not know how to obtain your desired part. Here is the chance. It will let you become a professional man in a second.
    6.The player interface has been added audio analysis, spectrum for column. You can see clearly the change of spectrum.

    Introduction of the buttons on the main interface:
    1.Artist is to classify the music files by artist. So the same with Album.
    2.Local and playlist: Add music files to the playlist from Local(including all the music or songs in SD card). How to add? Select all by pressing the button of All and check or uncheck the boxes at the end of each term for you to choose one by one.
    3."Like" contains the music that you like. How to add one? Click the button at the term on the playing page.

    If you like, you can support us by the following ways:
    First, recommend it to your friends by phone, talking tool and other ways you may like.
    Second, rate five starts if you like Audio Recording. For which we will be appreciated it very much.
    Lastly, do you have any suggestion or question? If you have, please tell us with no hesitation. Any feedback is welcome.
    Music players of many kinds can be got by anyone. Some music websites give us some suggestions for which one to download. Whatever, choose that meet your sanctification.

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