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    Autumn 2013

     Many ancient civilizations celebrated the autumn harvest - often one of the most important events in their calendars. An echo of those times is the Thanksgiving Day in the United States and the Jewish Sukkot holiday has its roots in the harvest.

     Equally important is the fact that the fall of the leaves helps to remove substances that have accumulated in the leaves during the growing season. In this regard, it can be seen as a complex and extremely important process of selection of plants of various substances .

     Autumn leaf fall is very important in the life of the forest. Fallen leaves are a good fertilizer , protect the roots from freezing.

     In general, the Fall - is essentially a harvest season , the season of festivals and various fairs , the season of active migration of birds, and as it should be preparing for the winter , and, of course, the charming golden foliage. In the northern parts of the world , people are actively beginning to feel the evening is not a hint of light frost came when he leaves reach their peak color , and of course runs the harvest , the harvest of apples, pumpkins , and other plants

    9 reasons to love autumn

    By the fall , many are quite pessimistic. Of course, join in the work after the summer holidays and get used to the new climatic conditions are really difficult. But it really as bad as it seems at first sight ? Not at all. This time of the year in his own amazing and beautiful . We present to your attention a few reasons to change their negative attitude towards the autumn.

    1. new Beginnings

    Long wanted to sign up for dance lessons, finish sewing courses or improve language skills ? Come on! It is autumn after the summer break open all kinds of trainings , classes , groups and sections. Select a hobby like and spend your free time to good use.

    2 . beautiful landscapes

    Why not treat yourself and arrange a photo session ? Autumn streets are very picturesque. You can select a day for filming and go through uncharted destinations. Refer to the professional photographer or suggest friends to keep you company . No matter whether you will be photographed by a camera phone, or , more importantly, the process will give you pleasure and left pleasant memories.

    3 . fall Flowers

    Chrysanthemums, asters, cape gooseberry ... Buy yourself a little autumn bouquet , place it on your desktop, and it will delight you with bright colors and beautiful smell. Fall is so full of bright colors and unique flavors!

    4 . The smell of the autumn forest

    Re-create it in memory. Did it work? Agree, it is just amazing ! It did not work ? Then go with a company in the forest and feel the sumptuous scent of leaves, pine needles, grass and dew . This happens only in the fall !

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