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    Basketball Wallpaper

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    Basketball is a popular sport . This game is the most common in the United States . Each team has five players, each team trying to get a basketball, on the other side of the net. You play this game a ball, which is a sphere orange with black stripes. Have a professional team , and university teams. High school basketball is very common , and even some teams in some primary form . The main thing is to get the ball into the opposing team's hoop , with your hands dribbling and shooting .
    There are several different ways that you can score points. The first is a large basket extends past the foul line . In this range any shooting is worth 2 points. Anything other than a large arc shot is worth three points . If you're shooting foul, free throw line you can go to earn your point of view . Each throws a minute. There are many rules, including some of the rules are added to each new year . It is played with indoor and outdoor tennis courts.
    Courts and the size of the basket height will vary . The length of time the game is played also varies according to age and skill level of players.
    This is a fast moving game involving many species, including shooting and dribbling . Adoption or defense involves a lot of fast movement.
    It involves a lot of starts and stops . Although not renowned as an aerobic exercise , it is still a good exercise that can help you burn calories ( the game one hour can burn 630-750 calories ) .
    The great thing about the game is that you need very little additional equipment to play . However, because it involves a lot of running and jumping , it can be wise to have basketball or sports shoes, provides good ankle support. Protective knee and elbow pads are very useful.
    Play this game is a great way for kids active and have fun. " Basketball Australia " is a primary school child, started by Basketball Australia and the Australian Sports Commission National referral program . It provides elementary school girls and boys ages , abilities and skill levels to play in a safe environment and develop social skills. Download wallpapers and enjoy your favorite sport !

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