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    Battery Eye Pro
    You travel somewhere and find that your mobile is going to out-of-charge. Or when you are out on business and your mobile power off, you must become crazy for waiting for a interview call. Why is it happen? The battery bar in your mobile screen may be too small and you can't estimate its accurate battery percentage. Want a special battery reminder? With Battery Eye Pro, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web.

    No worry to get troubled in a sudden of power-off of your phone! Battery Eye Pro will show you the exact battery level. Battery Eye Pro is a small, sleek and elegant app that will help you to follow the current battery status on your Android device. You can get battery percentage. Battery Eye Pro indicates the battery charge level of your device. When you touch the icon, you can get enough information about your mobile battery. Battery Eye Pro shows your battery charge level as an icon with temperature, health, voltage, and status of charging or discharge in the notification area.

    Please note that this app is a widget. You can add a widget on home screen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Battery Eye Pro

    How much do you know about mobile tracking?

    Mobile phones are used to collect location data. While the phone is turned on, the geographical location of a mobile phone may be determined easily, whether it is being used or not, using a technique known as multilateration to calculate the difference in time for a signal to travel from the cell phone to each of several cell towers near the owner of the phone.

    The movements of a mobile phone users can be tracked by their service provider and, if desired, by law enforcement agencies and their government. Both the SIM card and the handset cold be tracked.

    China has proposed to use this technology to track commuting patterns of Beijing city residents. In the UK and US, law enforcement and intelligence services can use mobiles to perform surveillance. They possess technology to activate the microphones in cell phones remotely in order to listen to conversations that may take place near to the person who holds the phone.