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This is based on the standard PhaseBeam/SunBeam live wallpaper with a few additional colour choices. Nothing fancy :P.

To use, whilst on your homescreen press Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers, and find Beam.
(On devices without a menu key, most launchers will allow you to set wallpaper by long pressing a vacant spot on the homescreen)

*NOTE*: Due to HTC crippling the default live wallpaper picker intents, this wont work correctly on most(all?) Sense based devices. To fix this, enter special code *#*#LWPFIX#*#* (*#*#597349#*#*) in your dialer and hit dial to enable a launcher icon for Live Wallpapers, which will allow you to set any live wallpaper on your device.

PollFish Surveys: By simply taking a few seconds out of your time to complete a survey, they will be completely disabled for 36 hours. Also note that the information dialog when dismissing a survey will only happen once per application update.

Full network access - Required for the ACRA bug reporting system
Set wallpaper - Required to set the wallpaper
View Wi-Fi connections - Required by PollFish library to minimise mobile data usage

Originally based on PhaseBeam:

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