Beats Audio - Sense 3.0 Skin



Works on these devices:
-Thunderbolt (Rooted)
-Evo 3D
-Any other device that has android 2.3.4 with sense 3.0.

If your unsure if this will work on your phone or not, install one of my free skins first. Don't forget to rate it. thanks..

Beats Audio - Sense 3.0 Skin is a skin application for Sense 3.0.
It will modify the layout and design of your Sense3.0 GUI.
It is optimized for Sense 3.0 devices with QHD resolution, but will work on all Sense 3.0 devices. Root access is not required. The large file size is because I have decompressed all images in the skin, inclueding the m10 files for better battery life and less ram consumption.

It will not work for:
- sense 3.5
- Android 2.3.5

The tools for editing those files haven't been developed yet.

How to use:

- Hit the right rosie button (or go to settings-personalize->skins and select the skin after installation)

The icons in the screen shots are from ThaPHLASH. The icon set is called Tha Razr and can be found right here

I use this free app to change the icons (Check out "Desktop VisualizeR")

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