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Every one is a independent unit in the word and most people do not like has same with others. They what to be the exclusive one in the world. But most time, we often use the same thing with others. This phenomenon also happens in ringtone aspect. Everyone had their Mobil phone now and we may use the similar call ringtone at the same time. When in public, if you hear the same sound, you may answer the phone subconsciously! To avoid this problem, you may need a unique music as your ringtone! Best Ring Tone Maker will be your best choice!

In daily life, we may hear some special/beautiful sound (the sound of a bird or the bark of your dog...), you can record them down with this ringtone maker. Save the file and set it as your ringtone is really a great thing. If you like singing, you can record the song down to mobile and set it as your phone ringtone. When you hear the voice of yourself, you will fell proud and satisfied!
You can also use this free tone setting app to edit songs. There must be some beautiful mp3/wma/mp4 music file on your mobile phone, you can edit them as you like with this app. Cut the most beautiful part from the whole song and then set it as your alarm ringtone is really interesting!

In opening page, it will scan and show you all music file, you can press to setting directly.
Now let's get it's great functions one by one:
1. Record songs as you like.
2. Edit the downloading songs and cut part from it. Then you can set the edit file as ringtone.
3. You can set alarm, notification and phone ringtone at one time.
4. We offer you over sixty ringtone files in application system and it includes many types.
5. You can choose file from mobile/SD card and set as your tone too.
6. You can add contact to some music file!
7. You can have a listening test before setting them.
8. It support many music files: MP3, AMR, Ogg and so on.
9. You can set the ringtone volume size in this free application.
10. Change the phone profile are also supported!

Just as its name suggest, it is a best ring tone maker. It has a beautiful and ordered interface. So it is easy to manage. Download this ringtone setting ans making app to your android mobile phone, you can make your own ringtone. Add a song to the one who special for you, you can know it is him/her phoning now! What a great thing it is! Download it now. It will not let you down!
This free app is ad supported . The ads help us create and maintain these free apps for you. Please, respect the developer work. If you don't like notification ads or icon ads, you can just uninstall the app. for uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.

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