Bibi 3D wallpaper



This is a 3D star wallpaper with Bibi Chou's cartoon image as the theme ,from the super girl ,Bibi adheres to her own style, full of personality.
BiBi Chou has been viewing the queen said .On the stage she shines . Want to be her Vip fans updated her dynamic? Come and download the 3D wallpaper, intimately interact with Bibi !
On rest:
1.Bibi blinks for lovely eyes.
2.Occasionally in the place going round in circles.
3. From time to time with the hand left her forehead hair (flying out of the stars)

On interaction:
1.Click on Bibi’s head: she sings (Her song ), cute bubble appearing.
2.Click on Bibi’s body,BB will be 360 degrees turned gorgeous costume (casual, stage equipment).
3.Micro-blog functions: real-time remind the owner micro-blog trends, master micro-blog update popup message.
4.Drag around,the picture takes Bibi as the center to rotate a certain angle.

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