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Please enjoy the many Bible Prayer Live Wallpapers we have put together for you. We have combined the most popular biblical stories of all time and put them in wallpaper for at the palm of your hands.

Please be patient as you are viewing these pictures from our server, as we wanted to use little or no memory on your phone. Give the images around 2 minutes to fully uplaod onto your phone.

Feel free to save them as a wallpaper, in either stationary or LIVE mode. You choose which option works best for you.

Whether you enjoyed the passage verses and rich biblical history from the old or new testament, you choose the wallpaper that fits your personal enjoyment.

Never get bored with the same wallpapers as we will periodically update the pictures for you for continued enjoyment.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have.

Please enjoy this as a gift from us

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