Binary Clock Daydream Lite



This is the ultimative App for Nerds! This App changes the Daydream ( Screensaver ) in a stylish Binary Code Clock. Many configurations can be used to customize the Daydream like you want to. From Nerds for Nerds!

For this App you must be able to read binary codes!

This App is a Daydream Service! It is working only on Devices with Android 4.2+.
Buy Pro to get all functions!

Daydream is a screensaver function on Android (4.2+). It starts when the Device is connected to electricity and is untouched for a moment. You can see the configuration in: "Config > Display > DayDream"

*Touch Display to close
*Choose Color (Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Grey, Neon, Orange) [PRO ONLY]
*Show Date [PRO ONLY]
*Show Battery [PRO ONLY]
*Tablet Opimated
*Activate Fullscreen
*Own Text on Daydream [PRO ONLY]
*Night Mode (Dimmed to save energy)
*Darkness Dimmer
*12h Time Format
*Language: German/English

Have fun with this App.
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