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    Interesting facts about birds:

    Birds spread on all continents and in all ecosystems from the Arctic to the Antarctic. The youngest member of this class is considered to be living on Cuba and the Isla de la Juventud bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) - the length of her male does not exceed 5.7 cm, and the largest African ostrich (Struthio camelus) up to 270 cmMost paleontologists believe that birds were developed by theropods, carnivorous dinosaurs during the Jurassic period about 150-200 million years ago (and may be the only clade (group of organisms with a common ancestor) dinosaurs, the survivors of the Cretaceous period, about 65.5 million years ago).

    The characteristics of modern birds are light and strong skeleton, four-chambered heart, feathers (or feather cloak), toothless beak and intense metabolism. In addition, all birds lay eggs, much different from the vast number of mammals. Upper limbs have taken the form of wings, and the birds are usually able to fly, although there are exceptions - the owls, penguins, and a number of island endemics in the course of evolution, have lost the ability to fly.Birds have a special structure of the respiratory and digestive system, which is closely linked to their ability to fly. Some birds, especially crows and parrots, have the ability to learn quickly, while others use improvised "instruments", while others pass their accumulated skills from generation to generation.

    For most typical "social monogamy" - pairs are formed on at least one or a few breeding seasons, but rarely for life. Among the forms of marriage are also found polygyny (when the male cohabits with several females), and in rare cases, polyandry (one female and several males). Typically, the eggs are laid in a nest and incubates both members of a couple. Most of the birds for a long time caring for the offspring after birth.Poultry farming, poultry farming, or - one of the main sectors of the economy, producing for a man needed food - meat, eggs, fat and feathers as filling material. Many species of parrots and songbirds kept in the home as decorative zhivotnyh.okol PeregrineSince ancient times, bred domestic pigeons - according to experts, the first bird domesticated by man. In agriculture, poultry manure is used as fertilizer. A variety of birds left a huge mark on the cultural heritage of different peoples - from religion to poetry and popular music. As a result of human activities, many birds have been further developed (and some became Peking Man), but at the same time a huge number of them appeared on the verge of extinction - only from the VII century 120-130 species of birds have become extinct.Currently about 1,200 species in varying degrees, are at risk of extinction and are protected by national and international laws. The science that studies birds is called ornithology.

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