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BITS Pro is a DIY home screen widget creator with a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to make your own multi-functional widgets. You can add, remove, edit, arrange, re-size and color bits of information on the widget face. Each bit can be set to launch any shortcut when touched.

All features are permanently enabled in this Pro version of BITS Widget:
- Unlimited bits per widget
- Set location from GPS or manually lock it to a specific place
- Unlimited widgets each with a unique location
- Show time and weather for multiple locations
- Save and restore layouts
- Tasker integration (show variables, trigger refresh)
- Resize home screen cells
- Enable or disable any size widget from 1x1 to 4x4
- Launch any shortcut from any bit
- Use graphics from SD card as a bit

Create a widget that shows the time, date and current weather conditions and then assign shortcuts so that touching the time opens a clock app, touching the date opens a calendar app, and touching the weather opens up a weather app. Or, load a photograph from the SD card and assign a shortcut so that touching that photo automatically calls that person, sends a text message, or opens that person’s phone book record.

BITS Pro is also completely integrated with Tasker, with the ability to show the value of any variable in Tasker and to have Tasker trigger on-screen updates.

Each widget created with BITS Pro can show information from a unique location which can be set using GPS or manually locked to a single location. One widget can show time and weather where you are while another shows the time and weather "back home" or somewhere else.

Bits Is The Stuff™

Currently the widget can show the following bits of information:

Shortcut (any supported by OS)
Location (from GPS or locked to specific one)
Moon Phase (graphic)
Sun or Moon Phase (graphic, sun during daylight, moon phase at night)
Sun or Moon Phase with Weather (same as above with weather conditions superimposed)
Temperature (C° or F°)
Cloud conditions (text)
Precipitation conditions (text)
Other conditions (text)
Combined All Weather conditions (text)
Air Pressure
Wind Speed (in kt or mph)
Wind Direction (in deg or cardinal directions)
Weather Station
Sunrise (time at location)
Sunset (time at location)
Next Alarm
Free RAM
Free file space
Free SD Card space
Battery Level (percentage)
Battery Charging (“full”, “charging” or “”)
Battery Temperature (C° or F°)
Battery Voltage (mV)
Rectangle (squared or rounded)
Last Weather Download (time and date)
Last Weather Observation(at the weather station, time and date)
Tasker Variable
Graphic from SD card

New bits are added all the time.

More information and free online support available at

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