Bling Theme



Bling theme with sound, press the $dollar$ sign icon to access your apps and hear a cash register sound "Cha Ching".

Theme includes the following features & options:

* 6 Dock trays to choose from.
1. HTC Style
2. Samsung Style
3. Pandahome Style
4. N1 Style
5. Android Style
6. Moto Style

* All new custom "Lock Screen" (see screen shots)

* 9 Different transition effects. Transition effects also work on the app drawer.
1. Roll
2. Wave
3. Flip
4. Bounce
5. Swing
6. Paper
7. Shutter
8. Binary Star
9. Cube

* Custom clock and new system icons.

* All new icon masking that allows you to select icon special effects. 15 to choose from.

* 4x1 & 4x2 system information widgets. Lined with diamonds & gold. (see screen shots)

* Theme will work on all Android based phones & Android tablets, with 91pandahomePRO installed, a free download from the Android Market.

* You must have 91pandahomePRO installed on your phone or tablet "first" to use this theme.

*Need help? Email I will do everything I can to assist you, good customer service deserves good feedback & ratings.

Thank You

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