Blue 1080p Live Wallpaper HD



This blue live wallpaper is unlike other backgrounds for your phone.

First, it has been designed in full high-definition 1080p format (1920x1080 pixels) for tablets and next-gen phones. It will work just as well on smaller screens. And it has no push ads!

Second, it is a wallpaper that won't distract. Absorb? Sure. Engage? If you choose. But if you'd rather keep a minimalist theme on your mobile device, the cool blues of sea, sky and stars will provide a relaxing environment to go about your business.

All of the HD patterns are abstract, and there is a range of blues from light sky to deep sea. They should all work either vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape) so that even when you rotate your device, you still have a usable wallpaper.

We hope you enjoy these 1080p cool blue wallpapers. They truly look amazing at that resolution!

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