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Welcome to Blue Elegance! This is a theme for all ROMS that have the Theme engine enabled.

Install instructions:
-download from the Play Store
-locate the Theme Chooser in your ROM settings. (Usually under 'themes")
-navigate to Blue Elegance
-REBOOT (this is important for all elements to theme properly)

-If you get "this theme is missing assets for your screen size" just hit apply anyway.
-If you get "This theme was improperly compiled, and cannot be applied", go back and select the default theme ("system"), then reboot, then select mine again.

Note about the themed MMS/texting app:
- In order to get the themed MMS app, your ROM must have that enabled. If it doesn't look right, you'll need to switch to a ROM that has this enabled. (AOKP does for certain, BAMF will soon, otherwise check with your developer about adding it.)

-please email me before leaving a bad review if something doesn't look right. I always try to respond :)

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