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    Interesting facts about the BMW.
    Company logo BMW inherited from its " parent" - the company Rapp Motorenwerke, and segments of a circle were painted white, and blue because these colors are symbolic of Bavaria, where production is located . Later marketers BMW invented a legend that in the logo depicts a stylized white propeller airplane , dissecting blue sky. The fact that the BMW was originally designed for production of aircraft engines , and only after 10 years launched vehicles.
    On the designation of models.
    The company BMW, like competitors from Audi and Mercedes, uses for their models not name , and digital-to- letter designations .

    As a rule, the BMW has a 3- digit number , followed by one or two letters .
    The first digit is a serial number (1, 3, 5 , 7), the higher it is , the higher class cars .
    The following two figures represent models are traditionally displacement in liters multiplied by 10. Of course, in the case of an exception to every rule , it happened that the model numbers and their symbols differed somewhat in decoding - the model with the number 316 , released in the body E30 , had no engine of 1.6 liters. , And 1.8 liters. The same was true of the model 525e , which came off the assembly line in the back of E28 - in this case the volume of the engine , too, was not 2.5 liters. , And 2.7 liters. , The distortion of a small but noticeable .
    The designation of the BMW also uses alphanumeric codes that represent other features of the car , in addition to the series and volume.
    The famous emblem BMW - a circle divided into four sections , two white and two blue - there was some time after the founding of the company in September 1917 , and went to the Bavarians from one of the progenitors of the company RappMotorenwerke. According to one theory , it is a stylized image of a propeller on a blue sky background (BMW first time was passionate about the release of aircraft engines ) , on the other - over the existing logo bother marketers , paint it in blue and white colors of Bavaria.

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