Bouncing Particles LWP Free


Bouncing Particles Live Wallpaper has a very Beautiful and Soothing particle effect. Some of the new particles includes snow flakes maple leaf and hearts. It uses Physics properties such as Speed, Rotation, Scale and Transparency to generate a very unique and completely customizable Particle Effect. Users have the ability to choose from ten different particles, eight different background colors, set custom Speed and custom number of particles allowing the live wallpaper to fit the need of all sorts of users.
Future Updates will include some cool presets and more particles will be added.Ad supported version, generates ad in the Settings menu.

To set the live wallpaper, install the app. After the installation is complete, tap and hold on any empty area on your homescreen. Then select live wallpapers to choose Bouncing Particles Live Wallpaper Free.

Note: This live wallpaper can be manipulated to huge extent depending on the device.For instance, some devices can handle huge frequency of particles, at the same time other devices may not be able to handle it and you may receive out of memory error. On that occasion go back to the default value and change the value by low numbers to figure out the exact potential of the device.

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