Bright Keyboard



BrightKeyboard is an advanced keyboard that looks the way you want and lets you type text faster.


- full PC-keyboard with Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12, Esc, Tab, Page up/down, Home/End, Print, Pause
- English and German layout
- type all numbers and letters on the first screen witout long press
- cursor keys
- clipboard history contains the last clipboard entries
- includes backward and forward delete
- hidden suggestion area for more keyboard space
- extra keys for cut, copy and paste
- split keyboard mode for large tables for realxed typing
- advanced users: create your own keyboard layout by editing an XML file
- choose between regular, big and round keys
- choose custom keyboard color (16 million different colors)
- choose custom background: any image on your device
- choose one of 13 prepared looks
typing support:
- add custom templates like "brjs" for "Best regards, John Smith"
- option to auto-capitalize when a new sentance starts
custom keyboards:
- create custom keyboards by using a build-in editor
demo version:
- demo version for testing which is fully functional, but adds text "demo version" to each typed letter

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