If you want to use music playlists as ringtones, Bringtone is the app for you.

    The app will skip to the next track on the playlist every time you get a call!

    You will be able to create ringtone playlists with any tracks and albums stored on your phone, OR use the FREE selection of relaxing ringtones by the Jackass-Penguin Show band that come with Bringtone.


    Imagine you have a number of albums in different folders on your phone. With just a few button presses you can assign an album to be the ringtone playlist for one of your contacts. Now when you get a call from this contact, a song from the album will play. When the same contact calls again Bringtone retrieves the next song in the playlist so that over time as you receive further phone calls, you'll hear each of the album's songs.

    A tutorial describing most of Bringtone's features is available at


    Integrates seamlessly with Android so that you can:
    - assign a default ringtone playlist,
    - set up playlists for individual contacts and
    - see at a glance the playlists that are assigned to your contacts.

    Enables you to create and edit multiple ringtone playlists by:
    - adding to a playlist one song at a time,
    - scanning a folder on your phone to add multiple songs and
    - reordering your music using drag 'n drop.

    If you have any ideas on how Bringtone can be improved or extended please e-mail us. Bug reports are also welcome.


    Bringtone was developed in association with the producer of the Jackass-Penguin Show's Jazzy Selection podcast, at

    The penguin image/photo is by Martin Kolesar.

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