Bubble Theme GO Launcher



GO Launcher Bubble Theme! 58 custom-made icons and 5 wallpapers, with incredible pink bubbles!

- One of the easiest themes to apply! Click OPEN after downloading it and then click "Set as Active Theme"!
- Extremly easy to change between wallpapers, with our Wallpaper Selector! Just click on "See The Wallpapers!"
- Brilliant design! All the icons will be modified to look like bubbles! This is a super fun theme to have!
- Our users have been requesting a theme like this and we have finally created it! The pink and red colors will really amaze you!


Your GO Launcher will be totally customized with this theme. Everything from the docks to the wallpapers and icons and different backgrounds!

We take great pride in our themes and we read each e-mail and comment from our users. Please take a moment to give us your feedback through rating and commenting. If you find any sort of errors with this theme, please send us an e-mail by clicking "Email Developer".

IMPORTANT: Some antivirus software might detect this theme as spyware. This is a mistake. There is no spyware. No virus. Your antivirus only detects certain permissions needed for the ads.

This app will enhance your user experience by adding a floating on-top-widget that will enable you to interact seamlessly with your social networks, search the web and read your favorite content – all on top of any app in use at the time. Additionally, the floating on-top-widget may display useful offers and free coupons that support our development. Should you ever become dissatisfied with this widget please let us know and, of course, it may be easily stopped/deleted by dragging the close icon to the pause icon. Thanks for downloading and enjoy this brand new way of using your phone.

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