Bug Tracking Assist [root]



Failure analysis is a tool for helping to get the various logs.
Require root access to some functions.

The log that is dumped by the BTA may contain personal information.
BTA itself does not send anything.
But it create the possibility of private information being exposed to other people.

If you send a log to the wrong address.
If you upload to somewhere.
There might be other.

Function *
- Remove various logs
 - Logcat
 - Kmsg
 - Vstat
 - Wakelocks
 - Cpu log (Kernel support needed ★)
 - Gpu log (Kernel support needed ★)

- Restart anomaly detection (★ SC-02C, Kernel support is needed)
- Various information display system
- (Start of gmail) email the log
- Display a list of log obtained
 - (Start of gmail) Send e-mail selected files
 - Delete the selected file

* Supplement
The following logging interval can be set
- Vstat
- Wakelocks
- Cpu (Kernel support needed ★)
- Gpu (Kernel support needed ★)

* How to use

* Limitations
Anomaly detection and restart, except in support of Kernel (SC02C) GalaxyS2 is
and to determine failure at reboot from adb.

In such cases repeated restart from adb,
Can be set to OFF from.

In addition, the reset by the H/W reset (press and hold, including power supply)
In all models, and then restart recognized as abnormal.

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