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Buzz Widget lets you create and upload your own widgets as well as download from a host of widgets for your device

  • A large suite of widget-making tools
  • Clean UI
  • Speedy
  • Weather widgets don't work

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"Create and download a ton of widgets"


Definitely made for the Android customization lover, Buzz Widget lets you apply over 100,000 user-made widgets with the tap of one button, including music widgets, battery widgets, clocks, and dates. To download new widgets, just download Homepacks on the website and press on the apply button. If you happen to have an interesting idea for a widget, Buzz Widget also gives you the necessary tools to create it or even multiple widgets at the same time. You can choose the color, widget content, change its opacity, and even add images and text.


Buzz Widget provides a complete suite of widget-making tools for free, and makes uploading your finished content a breeze. The user interface is quite clean and runs great. The actual app is a quick download, and quite easy to get-up and running.


The weather widgets are painfully inaccurate, giving you incorrect weather information and even getting your location wrong. Other widgets like the clock widget may not automatically update

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Nov 06, 2015

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