Call Manager




    Call Manager application is mainly helpful when user is not in a state to attend the incoming calls. App basically monitors the missed calls and notifies the caller about the status set by the user through SMS. To note is the application does not reject the incoming calls by itself.

    1. Enable/Disable : User can enable or disable the application using this button. Only if application is enabled, the missed calls are handled.

    2. Set Status Message: Application allows user to set the status message which will be used to notify the caller. It provides user the flexibility to choose the default status messages provided with the app and also allow user to add/edit/delete the custom status messages.

    3. Send SMS to Unknown: If user wishes not to notify the status message to the callers who do not belong to contact list then he can disable this option. If enabled the status message is sent to all the callers.

    4. Sent Messages: User can view messages sent by Call Manager to different contacts.
    Maximum message count is 30, and user can clear the messages by options menu.

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