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Cats and Dogs Sounds is a soundboard which gives you a lot of fun and entertainment. It can be used for fun, to play, learn and annoy pets. It is made for kids and pet owners. It makes your cat or dog react in a funny way. You can also use it to entertain kids and to teach children animal sounds. Use it to play a trick on somebody, cheat your friends that you have a new pet. Use this application to train your cat, when the cat does something bad play the sound and teach your pet better behavior!

You can mix and match the sounds for fun. Use the Loop Button to play your favorite sound repeatedly. Use The Stop Playing Sound Button to stop the sound at any time you want. Cats and dogs sounds are entertaining for both kids and adults.

Application includes over 50 great quality cats and dogs sounds in different categories:

Cats Sounds

Dogs sounds

You can also set specific sounds and play them by rotating your phone. Roll it left or right or pitch it up or down to hear sounds without touching buttons.

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