Chiiba Kun -Live Wallpaper-



C's Pot, Live Wallpaper 5th bullet!
Live Wall paper "Chiiba Kun -Live Wallpaper-"

"Chiiba Kun" is popular character in japan as the mascot of the Chiba Prefecture.

"Chiiba Kun" walk in the screen.
And you can move "Chiiba Kun" when you flick the screen.

When you touch the "Chiiba Kun", "Chiiba Kun" appeal to you in various poses(^^)

Background can be changed in the configuration options.
When moving the screen, then slide the background.

-Sitting options-

-change background
-change Chiiba Kun
*You can also change the configuration options from the app icon.

-How to setting Live Wallpaper-

-> Menu
-> Wallpapers
-> Live Wallpapers
-> select "Chiiba Kun -Live Wallpaper-"

-License number-

Chiba license B 131-1
the mascot of the Chiba Prefecture "Chiiba Kun".