chubby dog (Live wallpaper)



Live wallpaper with a cute and chubby dog running around the screen, playing, digging and messing your android-desktop up.

Before downloading, please check if your phone support Live wallpaper.

New in this version:
- Fixed a lot of bugs (thanks for comments/e-mails).
- Added support for user selected backgrounds.
- Added some small changes to the live wallpaper

Double tap to clean up the mess from chubby dog.
If you have an idea, found some bugs/crashes or something else, feel free to write to me and I will do my best to answer/solve it.

If you like the app and want to support me for the time I have spent on the code/project, please donate by buying the deluxe version. The deluxe version contains bonus material like an interactive ball, food bowl and much more...

What you get for buying the deluxe version:
+ Interactive ball that chubby dog loves to chase.
+ Food bowl you can fill up with chubby dog’s favorite food.
+ Chubby dog can dig up ancient items from the past.
+ Supporting an independent developer for using his spare time on entertainment apps.

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