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    The Church... the world's most diversified building. Built to suit the pockets of extravagant geniuses, or the needs of a poor community. Ten stories of gleaming brilliance, or a shack that performs the exact same function.

    How remarkable that mankind, through the ages, has built these glorious edifices as well as these simple wooden barns to worship his deity.

    In this live wallpaper app we searched for 25 examples of churches around the Judaeo-Christian world to showcase the differences, the similarities, the ideas, the architecture and the purpose of the church. All the pictures are presented in native 1080p high definition.

    We were astounded, as we hope you will be, to see the range of styles, materials, and local flavor that goes into each church. Look for the one thing they all have in common - a spire, cross, tower or other architectural feature that reaches for the sky.

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