City Life



• Nothing compares to the buzz of a big city! Enjoy your trip among the skyscrapers!
• If you love the big city life, then this animated wallpaper will surely fit you like a glove!
• From now on your Android phone can be as energetic and lively as the great cities of the world!
• If you love being busy, if you are a person dedicated to your values, or if you simply love the city life, then this is the right live wallpaper for you!
• With this wallpaper installed on your smart phone, it will never look dull!
• If you love New York or any other big city, then you surely want to make your gadget to look like the magnificent cities that you admire!
• Are you one of the people who like being around a constant buzz? Personalize your phone with this energetic wallpaper then!
• If you have always dreamed about flying among the sky scrapers, this wallpaper will help you make your dream come true, even if just in a virtual form!
• Inspire yourself to follow your Big Apple dream!
• Get energized, get motivated! This live image will make you feel like flying!
• If you love the challenges of a big city, you will find this app to suit your personality perfectly!
• Bring a touch of originality to your favorite gadget!
• Download now and enjoy the adventure of the city with this live wallpaper!
• Download and feed your confidence that you can make it through anything, anywhere, by just following your dreams!

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