CM9/10.1 Theme ColorStorm PRO

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    IMPORTANT: This is the PRO version of ColorStorm FREE theme. This version has more than the free version colored icons in settings and black transparent panels. Thank you for your support.

    This is a Cyanogenmod 9 and 10 theme called ColorStorm. The theme is a storm of different colors. All the cyan parts of the rom are colored to a mix of colors (such as dialer, notification bar, settings, statusbar, icons). The rest is colored from cyan to blue. There are also black backgrounds and black transparent panels. For more details see the screenshots.

    -ColorStorm actually is compatible with XHDPI,HDPI,MDPI and LDPI devices. It should be compatible with all devices.
    (As I own only a device, if there are problems send me a mail)

    -Apply theme in theme chooser and reboot.
    -If it says "Sorry this theme is missing assets for your device" apply anyway and reboot.
    -if it says "This theme is incorrectly compiled" apply default theme,reboot,apply ColorStorm, reboot.

    -apex launcher
    (if you have Nova Launcher, just set theme color in nova settings(I haven't added theming to nova for not increasing apk size)

    NB: The wallpaper that i use in the screenshots is not included in ColorStorm. The wallpaper will set to black. I prefer to leave that the user choose his favorite wallpaper!

    For questions, problems and requests, send me a e-mail.
    (If the app is not available in your country, please e-mail me)

    Enjoy ColorStorm Theme!

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