Combat Aircraft: WW2

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    Now you can have all the planes of World War II flying across your screen in this animated wallpaper!

    Select the scenario that you like and let fly over the sea sailed ships and aircraft carriers, or blue or gray sky full of clouds.
    Touch the screen to bring up the look, hold your breath, aim carefully, and shoot so that planes explode!
    Added a score and rank only by aesthetics.
    You start with the rank of second lieutenant, and angers ascending your category according to your score (planes shot down):
    10 points: First Lieutenant
    100 points: Captain
    300 points: Mayor
    500 points: Lieutenant Colonel
    1000 points: Colonel
    3000 points: Brigadier General
    5000 points: Major General
    7000 points: Lieutenant General
    10000 points: General
    50000 points: Air Force General

    Choose from these planes, which one you like:
    Supermarine Spitfire
    AVRO - Lancaster
    MARTIN B-10
    B-17 "Flying Fortress"
    B-24 "Liberator"
    B-25 "Mitchell"
    B-29 "Superfortress"
    P-51 Mustang
    BRISTOL "Blenheim"
    Chance Vought FU4 - "Corsar"
    OF HAVILLAND 98 - "Mosquito"
    Mitsubishi A6M Zero
    Focke - Wulf 190
    Focke Wulf 200 - "Condor"
    GRUMMAN Avenger
    HAWKER - "Hurricane"
    HEINKEL 111
    JUNKERS 87 - "Stuka"
    JUNKERS 88
    Macchi - C.205
    MESSERSCHMITT 262 - "Schwalbe"
    MITSUBISHI G3M - "Nell"
    Boeing P-26
    Lockheed P-38 "Lightning"

    Works in portrait and landscape modes on phones and tablets!
    It provides support for English and Spanish languages, if you want this wallpaper in your language, please contact us for help in the translation!.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, please send us an email. Our mission is to make the best animated wallpaper!
    If you want to see any aircraft that is not on the wallpaper to appear in future versions, please send us an email.
    Do not forget to vote! Share your experience!

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