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Learn The State Of Your Consciousness And Methods On How
To Increase It

People act the way they act not because of their upbringing,
environment, past experiences or temperament.

I'm not saying that these (upbringing, environment, past experiences
or temperament) do not play a part in what happens to a person, they
are strong influences - no doubt. But their consciousness levels lay
the foundation of their personal growth blueprint.

Here's a good example of how it works.

Let's say you're a high powered CEO or executive that is filled with
pride. He may be able to command a legion of employees, but in his
personal life, he may experience dysfunctional relationships, lack of
spiritual fulfillment or even feel a lack of control over events that are
beyond his executorial control (not everyone in the world is his
employee and he feels a lack of power because he often borrows
strength from his position).

On the other hand, you may have a painter that does not make as
much money as the CEO... but is filled with reason, purpose,
fulfillment and love. He is very much in love and passionate with his
work, his calling, his desire to produce a masterpiece out of his
overflowing reservoirs of endless creativity.

The painter is clearly living at a higher level of consciousness
compared to the CEO.

Do you get the picture here?

It's not about your rank, position, car, status or role in life. It's not
even in what you're doing or having - it is in your BEING.

A higher level of conscious living will allow one to transcend
upbringing, environment, past experiences or temperament to
become more than what he or she can be without losing touch with
who they really are.

Based on Power Vs Force: The Hidden Determinants Of Human
Behavior by David R. Hawkins, the focus on this book centers on the
levels of consciousness of human growth.

The path of growth is never ending. It is grafted into our very natures
that growth is very important.

But your consciousness level will determine why you will want to
grow, how much you want to grow and where you are going to find
the resources that will facilitate this process (including finding the
right people - the who, to achieve your calling).

This book might change your life. Read it with an open mind.

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