Contemporary Worship Songs




    “Contemporary Worship Songs” is here for the true believers in God and for those who seek the truth, the light and a friend in a gloomy day. This radio plays only the best songs that worship God from the most appreciated contemporary artists, like Matt Redman, Paul Wilbur, Kari Jobe or Don Moen. In these days it’s so easy to fall into temptation, but this radio offers you an easy alternative that is healthy for your mind and soul.

    Time is relative and if you’re worried that you might not get enough rest when you’re enjoying the best worship songs, simply set the hour and it will close by itself to help you get rested. Share God’s words with your friends with the “fave” function of the app and feel better because you made a difference.

    This radio is 100% dedicated to playing the right songs that will help people find the right path, the light, when everything is dark and to keep the ones who already found it away from temptations. It’s easy to use and it won’t waste your time, but instead it will offer you many reasons to pray and love God.

    Download this app and listen to songs that are chosen so that they teach you the best ways in life.

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