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Check the battery of the smartphone (battery) remaining at any time by simple operation! I use Near the smartphone beginner in peace! Useful features though it is equipped with a lot of free!
Let's play dress-up easily to fit the mood the design rich! In addition, the size of the widget while it is possible to change from three types, let's layout to design to suit your home screen!
I think you often feel the stress behavior of the smartphone is heavier?
At that time, making full use to optimize the crisp smartphone by deleting any unnecessary tasks "task killer" button to change to a comfortable smartphone!
And, it also leads to long-lasting battery using the switch button of network / screen setting / manner mode / terminal settings button, If you adjust the settings of finely smartphone! !
It is recommended to anyone who you want to dress cool! Please enjoy the (battery) battery widget free cool!

Feature of this app! ! ]
◆ Check the battery (battery) remaining in the meter display numbers and!

◆ To change the design!
Pick a design of your choice from among all five, and dress-up to cool the home screen!

◆ battery savings off the details
The configurable features that affect the battery consumption, etc., and the brightness setting Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) · Bluetooth of (Bluetooth) - automatic screen rotation and screen!
I last a long time - and do you Moxa battery of smartphone by being set to OFF details the function point of saving the battery is not in use!
※ There is a model that can not be available in some terminal

◆ Let's take advantage of the task killer button!
To lighten the movement of smartphone by deleting any unnecessary memory!

◆ can be set from three different size of the widget!
· 4 × 1 size
· 2 × 2 size
· 1 × 1 size

[Setting method]
Select this app from the tap → 3. List 1. Press and hold the home screen → 2. "Widgets"
Compatible models · OS]
Android2.1 or more corresponding
(Android4.0 or more recommended)
Purpose of permission]
Network communications
Full Internet access
System tool
Acquisition of an existing account
Network communications
I want to receive data from the Internet
Acquisition of account known

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[How to use inquiry and requests from here]
Opinion demand from customers,
Report on forced termination, such as bug-bug display will be reflected as a valuable opinions of application improvement!
※ feedback may not be to your opinion request in a review column, sufficient support work to large customers

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