Countdown Widget Lite



◤ The Countdown Widget shows the remaining years, days, hours, minutes or seconds till an event. If an event is in the past, it shows the time that’s gone since the event took place. You can even use the Countdown Widget as an Alarm Clock by activating the ‘Notification-Feature’.

◤ Functionality

A tap on the Countdown Widget changes the time-units that are displayed.

You can choose between:

✔ years, days, hours, minutes, seconds all together
✔ only years
✔ only days
✔ only hours
✔ only minutes
✔ only seconds

◤ How to use it?

It's quite easy:

➔ Choose a title for your event
➔ Select the date & time
➔ Decide, if you want to be notified when the event takes place
➔ Choose a background-colour for the Countdown Widget
➔ Customize the displayed date- & time-format

█ Limit of Countdown Widget Lite

Countdown Widget Lite only supports the creation of a single Widget. If you want to use multiple Widgets at the same time, consider buying the regular version of the Countdown Widget.

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