This skin for Zooper Pro is the winning skin, by wish/idea from David Bettner in my Google+ contest, celebrating 2000 followers at my +jeppefoldager account. Thanks!

It consists of 10 widgets and is intended to show unread counts of Messages, missed calls and gMails (2 accounts included) and will be invisible on screen, until new messages arrives.
It also has a circle clock and a small Jelly Bean clock.

The gmail parameters are set up with english name for the inbox which is "Primary". If you have a nother name for the inbox on your phone, you'll have to open main Zooper app, choose configure widgets, and select the gmail skin - and in the 2 assets - scroll Rich Text and afterwards to Advanced Parameters - and change #SUGPrimary" to you inbox name. (Like "#SUGIndbakke#") - (SUG & first letter BIG).
Do this in both the count and the text.

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