Create Gallery Live Wallpaper




    You can create live wallpaper with the picture yourself or the pictures you download from internet! Why we call it Gallery Live Wallpaper? Because the app can use many pictures as a live wallpaper and changing in a setting time which just like walking in the gallery! You can set the time between pictures, rotation, scrolling, trimming and scaling to suit the screen size, tab transition or not. With the setting, the live wallpaper will work more beautiful. You should choose a folder in your SD card with pictures first!

    The app can not be found on your phone menu. Please add wallpapers and then choose live wallpaper, you can find this app. Press "setting" to set the following features.

    -support many kinds of photo formats like jeeg,png,gif etc.
    -Set a time about how long before changing to next picture.
    -Rotate the picture if necessary.
    -Scrolling currently or not.
    -If the photo do not suit the mobile size, you can scaling and trimming to fit the the pbone.
    -You cna chhose a transition between pictures
    -If you enable double tap, you can change the pictures by double clik on the screen. After setting, you can also do this on your desktop.
    -"directory chooser" allow you choose the folder in you Sd card. Please assure the folder has the photos (that you want to make as live wallpaper )----------------------------------------
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