Credit Card UCCW Skin



*If you download my skin, please donate using my donation app (you will find it in "More from developer" or "More from StrangerWeather")*

This is an original skin for Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW), version 2.1.2 or higher. It shows the current weather conditions, the temperature, the time, your location, and your battery level.

To install:

1. Select the UCCW widget from your list of widgets

2. Select format 4x2

3. Select "Credit Card UCCW Skin"

4. Tap on the Touch here hand icon.

5. Resize to your liking.

To set Location and Weather:

1. Select the main UCCW app from your app drawer.

2. Go to menu

3. Go to settings

4. Choose settings


If you have any problems, please email me.